SamplePlayer, SampleLoader, Sequencer and Keyboard

Firefox Audio API example

Created by Almer Thie (, @almeros) with the experimental Firefox Audio Data API.

If you want to try it yourself, get a yourself a copy of FireFox 4 (or higher). Check my blog for more information about this demo.

If you want to use this javascript DSP code I recommend to (soon) use it through DSP.js since it will probably be maintained better. Let me know what you created with it!

Guitar sample:

Piano sample:

Banjo sample:

Ducky sample:

Organ sample:

Sample to use:


Press to start the sequencer. It contains a sequence with 'note' events but also 'note stop' events. You can change the BPM of the sequencer:

Apart from the sequencer you can play your keyboard (q = C-4, w = D-4 etc. + = octave up, - = octave down) to play some nice tune! You can press multiple keys and hold keys to sustain them.

Add some and/or and tweak the volume a little:

SamplePlayer, SampleLoader, Sequencer and Keyboard (With Audio Data API) from almeros on Vimeo.