Experimenting with Firefox Audio API

As I am an electronic music creator and a software developer, guess what I like to program ;)… Yes, DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and audio stuff. About two years ago I worked on a DSP platform in Java which became to big of a project to finish.

Recently (april 2010) I found out some guys at Firefox (David HumphreyCorban BrookAl MacDonald, and more) are working on an experimental Audio Data API build on the HTML5 audio tag. This I had to experiment with!

Here you can find the experiments I created. There are many more great examples on the Audio Data API Wiki page. If you want to try the demo’s yourself you should get yourself  a copy of Firefox 4!

Update (Februari 8th, 2019): As you might know, the Audio Data API is deprecated in favour of the Web Audio API. The code examples you’ll find with this blogpost won’t work on the current (Firefox) browsers. But the code from the examples might still give you insight into the world of audio DSP in javascript.

Simple DSP delay in javascript

Check the video demo of the delay here (created with old API version) or try it yourself with Firefox 4http://code.almeros.com/code-examples/delay-firefox-audio-api/.

DSP reverb in javascript

Check the video demo of the reverb here or try it yourself with Firefox 4http://code.almeros.com/code-examples/reverb-firefox-audio-api/.

SamplePlayer, SampleLoader, Sequencer and Keyboard in javascript

Check the video demo of the SamplePlayer, SampleLoader, Sequencer and Keyboard here or try it yourself with Firefox 4http://code.almeros.com/code-examples/sampler-firefox-audio-api/.

It could very well be I create some more DSP, sound, sample, synth or music experiments. I’ll add them here… What shall I create now…. hmmm… let me think… a Hard Knee Compressor?… {fading} … a Voice synthesiser? … {fading more}… a mod player?… {fade out}.

7 gedachten aan “Experimenting with Firefox Audio API”

  1. Hi

    Love your work. I run a music production company in Stockholm called Plan8.
    I would love to contact you regarding the possibilities to take our SoundController into the world of JS and future browser technologies.

    How do I best contact you?


  2. Hi, me again 🙂
    I just tune your piano pitch with my electronic tuner.
    In your code : almero_dsp.js Line 168,
    you should devide by 261.63 to make it 1 for Middle C.
    Since your piano.ogg playing tone of middle C …


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