How to create a CSS3 tag cloud like on this blog

As part of my CSS3 try-out (also read my post on why I started using CSS3 on this site) I created a tag cloud that’s designed with CSS3 features. You can find the tag cloud under each article on my blog and also on the right on every page. In this article I’ll explain how you can create this CSS3 powered tag cloud yourself? Lees “How to create a CSS3 tag cloud like on this blog” verder

Why and when to use CSS3

If you browsed to this site with a latest version of a more modern browser like Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Opera you are looking at many CSS3 features. If you are watching this site with IE you won’t see any of the CSS3 features and you might think this site looks pretty boring (well, you might think this anyway ;)). But the CSS3 usage should degrade gracefully making this site still available for you die hard IE users out there. Lees “Why and when to use CSS3” verder