Android multitouch gesture detectors

Android has a ScaleGestureDetector since API level 8 (Android 2.2). From this point on the first Android devices with multitouch screens appeared. This was great, and the ScaleGestureDetector too ofcourse.

What’s a mistery to me however, is why this is the only multitouch gesture detector that is in the API! Why isn’t there something like a RotateGestureDetector to find out rotations between two (or more) fingers… Is it one of the issues in the patent war between Apple and Google? I don’t know, but I want to be able to use it anyway… so I built this small extendable framework and I’ll explain in this article how you can use it in your Android apps! Now hope I won’t get sued for building the obvious :shock:! Lees “Android multitouch gesture detectors” verder

VisualVM and fixing remote JVM problems

(I’m sorry, the blog and company I link to don’t exist anymore, the company was bought by another company)

I wrote an article about how VisualVM helped fixing a problem  I had on my day job at TTY Internet Solutions some time ago. The CPU load on a webserver became to high and the performance of the webapplication dropped ofcourse.

Now, with JMX (Java Management Extensions) you can (remotely) connect to a JVM (Java Virtual machine) and take a look at what’s going on in that JVM. A great tool to do this is VisualVM. In the article I explain how we setup JMX on the remote server, how we connected VisualVM, how we read the info VisualVM gave us and how it helped us find and fix our bug.

Read the article here